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AMI Insurance State Insurance AA Insurance TradeMe Insurance Tower Insurance
Multi Policy
Accidental Loss
or Damage
Premier and Comprehensive
Not stated Not stated All Policies
New for Old Repair or
Repair or
YES Repair or
Repair or
Online Discount
YES - Optional
Not stated Not stated Not stated Not stated
Home Office or
Business Tools
Insurance Provider

*The above information is intended as a guide only. Maximum limits and certain exclusions do apply. Please refer to the policy wording for full details of the cover provided.

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*** The above contents insurance comparison table is not a complete list of all providers in NZ.  The above information is intended as a guide only. Maximum limits and certain exclusions do apply. Please refer to the policy wording for full details of the cover provided. This is a starting point for you to compare contents insurance providers and help you find the best insurance for your needs - we hope you find the table useful.  We may recieve an affiliate payment if you become a customer of one of the providers listed. ***


For most people, after your home, the contents inside it will be the most valuable assets you own. If the unforeseen happens and your home or its contents are stolen, damaged or destroyed, a good contents insurance policy is vital.

This guide will explain what you should consider to make an informed choice about the best contents insurance policy for you.

What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers the damage or loss of personal possessions like household possessions, clothes, appliances, furniture, carpets, or curtains caused by events like fires, floods, burglary or earthquakes.  

If you are flatting or renting, it is a good idea to ensure your policy includes personal liability cover for damage to the property you live in.

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Types of contents insurance cover in New Zealand

As with all types of insurance, you should consider the type of insurance that suits your needs, and how much you want to pay for insurance.

Most contents policies will have limits on the amount you can claim for valuables, jewellery, money, documents and collections.

Levels of contents insurance cover include:

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Tips to reduce your contents insurance premiums

  1. Maintain a good claims history: this may help ensure that you can get cover without additional terms like an excess. A good claims history can also help keep the cost of your insurance down, as some insurers base their pricing on number of claims.
  2. Compare several quotes: shopping around and comparing quotes can help make sure you get cost effective cover. Consider the cost of the policy, premiums, and the benefits included in the policy (more comprehensive policies cost more, but offer more comprehensive cover)
  3. Ask if a no claims discount is available: Some insurers offer a discount if you haven't made a claim, which could help reduce your renewal insurance premium.
  4. Increase your home security: some insurers will reduce your premiums if you have security alarms and smoke alarms installed, have locks that meet certain standards, install security lighting and use a safe
  5. Choose a level of cover that meets your needs and matches your budget
  6. Increase your excess: This is the amount of money you have to pay when you make a claim, before the insurer covers the rest of the cost. Increasing your excess sometimes results in your premium being refuced.
  7. Only add benefits that you need: as these will increase the cost of your insurance
  8. Pay annually: Paying for your policy annually instead of monthly, can work out cheaper. So it’s worth checking whether there is a price difference for paying annually.
  9. Ask about discounts for multiple policies: some insurers offer discounts for multiple policies with the same insurer (eg: car insurance or contents insurance), or for professionally installed security systems

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